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Deadheads Unite To Protect Jerry Garcia Amphitheater

Jerry Garcia Amphitheater San FranciscoGrateful Dead fans are a passionate bunch, and it’s probably not a good idea to do something that will piss them off. That’s just what the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department is finding out in their attempts to re-name the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park, near the rock icon’s hometown.

According to reports in the San Francisco Chronicle, an online petition protesting the proposed name change has already garnered over one thousand signatures. The name change would also entail partnering with non-profit group Levitt Pavilions to renovate the amphitheater, which hosts fewer than 10 events a year.

The city’s partnership with Levitt would bring more than 50 free events to the venue, but part of the renovation plan would be to attach Levitt’s name to the amphitheater, something that Garcia’s fans adamantly oppose. People opposing the plan say that renaming the venue after Levitt would rob the venue of its independent spirit.

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