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Queens of the Stone Age Releases String of Animated Videos

KalopsiaLately, Queens of the Stone Age has been getting its freak on. The band has been releasing video after video of gory, bloody, cruel, dystopian animation.

In the short clip for “Kalopsia,” some seriously creepy, hooded creature-guy with a fondness for hideous grinning masks walks around a city, seemingly searching for a friend. Unfortunately, he seems to have a bad habit of shattering things and causing people to dissolve into bloody messes just by touching them. In the end, the protagonist takes off his mask and has some kind of bad, hallucinogenic trip. That’s it for the clip, but we soon find out his fate in the next video.

In “Keep Your Eyes Peeled,” the story continues as our creepy masked friend from “Kalopsia” has his face violently punched in by another grotesque guy. Faces get knocked in, necks get stabbed, jaws get broken and the blood keeps flying in “Keep Your Eyes Peeled.” Full of gore and plenty of bar brawling, this animated video is not exactly the cheeriest thing you’ll see—to say the least.

And that’s not all; the story continues as the deadly protagonist from the last video meets his end in “If I Had a Tail.” This video’s new protagonist races around in his car, running over pedestrians and happily throwing handmade explosives out of his window. One of his explosives get a skull-faced biker pretty pissed, and let’s just say that the story doesn’t end well for anyone. But hey, you shouldn’t be surprised at this point. We’re pretty sure that anyone in a QOTSA video who lives is lucky to get out alive—at least until the release of the next video.

You can watch the videos for “Kalopsia,” “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” and “If I Had a Tail” below. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the release of QOTSA’s long-awaited new album, …Like Clockwork, out June 4. Oh, and watch out for those freaks and creepers too.



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