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Sam Amidon Releases New Video For “As I Roved Out”

Sam Amidon As I Roved OutFolk singer Sam Amidon’s new album Bright Sunny South recalls many of the English folk artists whom Amidon says inspired it, but the album’s roots reach further beyond Vashti Bunyan and Nick Drake to traditional tunes such as the Irish standard “As I Roved Out.” Amidon’s take on the song is unique, closer to bluegrass than anything in traditional Irish music. In the video for “As I Roved Out,” Amidon gets even more obtuse.

The video opens with Sam reading from a piece of paper while standing behind a large tree in the woods, after which he picks up his banjo and gets to singing. It then starts getting surreal, but we’d rather you watch the video yourself. The intro is done on a hand-held camera, recalling The Blair Witch Project if it were in the daytime and not nearly as disappointing.

Check out the video for “As I Roved Out” below:

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