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Ty Segall Announces New Album ‘Sleeper’

Ty Segall SleeperIt feels like it’s been too long in between Ty Segall albums, but it’s only been a few months. That’s the frequency at which the man works. In 2013, though, he hasn’t done much besides a 7-inch single and a re-issue of a collaboration with fellow garage rocker Mikail Cronin. While he’s been working on a full-length with his new band Fuzz, Segall’s been kind enough to give us a new solo album to hold us over. Ironically titled Sleeper (really, who imagines this guy sleeping?), the album is set to come out on August 20th via Drag City Records.

Little information about Segall’s new album is available right now, but one can guess it’ll have some of the psych-tinged garage rock that has made Segall so beloved among indie rock fans over the past few years. Segall did release a video clip advertising the album which features him sleeping in various positions with a “Couch Potato” t-shirt on. A snippet of an acoustic song (presumably the title track of the album) plays over the end of the commercial; could it point out a new musical direction for Segall? We’ll have to wait until August 20th to find out.

Check out the trailer for Sleeper below:

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