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Pandora Responds To Pink Floyd’s Editorial

Pandora Pink FloydRepresentatives of music streaming service Pandora have responded to claims made by the surviving members of Pink Floyd in a recent USA Today editorial. In a statement issued to Business Insider, Pandora representatives said that band “has been given badly misleading information” as the result of “a well-orchestrated campaign by the RIAA and their lobbying arm to mislead and agitate artists.”

In their editorial, Pink Floyd accused Pandora of wanting artists to take an 85% royalty cut for its streaming services while trying to mislead artists into supporting their efforts via petition. Pandora hit back at the band’s accusations, saying that the 85% royalty cut is not true while claiming that its royalty rate is higher than any other streaming service.

That “85%” figure has since come into dispute from other sources. Floyd cited a report from the Register when they first mentioned the proposed royalty cut, but the Register did not specify any source in their report. The editor of the Register has yet to comment on the story.

Whether or not the proposed 85% royalty cut is true or not, Pandora still has a PR mess to wade through: royalty figures released by Camper Van Beethoven singer David Lowery show that, on average, Pandora pays a paltry $.0019 per stream.

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