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Pink Floyd Slam Pandora Over Royalties

images (4)The surviving members of Pink Floyd have re-united to write an op-ed piece in USA Today slamming Pandora for allegedly cheating artists out of royalties. The members of the legendary prog-rock band say that their issue with the popular online radio service is “a matter of principle.”

Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason are taking aim at Pandora because of the radio service’s support of a bill currently in Congress that would place strict cuts on royalties from internet radio streams. Specifically, the band are taking issue with Pandora’s efforts to get artists to support the bill, saying that Pandora is tricking artists who make very little from royalties into receiving even less money.

The band further criticized Pandora’s efforts by citing the company’s growing bottom line-its IPO raised $235 million last year and their user base has doubled in the past year. “A business that exists to deliver music can’t really complain that their biggest cost is music,” Waters, Gilmour, and Mason said, “Everyone deserves to be paid a fair market rate for their work, regardless of what that work entails.”

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