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Eddie Spaghetti – The Value Of Nothing (Bloodshot)




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Eddie Spaghetti The Value Of NothingThe Value of Nothing is Eddie Spaghetti’s fourth solo album. Eddie is a gritty Seattle rocker from the band The Supersuckers. His new band consists of The Supersuckers’ original drummer Capt. Chris Von Streicher and the honky tonk styling of Jesse Dayton on guitar. This album truly shows that when you take the rusty sounds of a Seattle rocker and the down-home riffs of a country guitar,  you get a fresh and invigorating sound all its own.

Listening to “The Value of Nothing,” the first and title track of Eddie Spaghetti’s musical romp is like taking the first bite of a Hot Pocket just out of the microwave. For those of you who don’t know what that is like, it makes you take a step back due to its impossible hotness. Songs like “Fuckin’ With My Mind,” and People Are Shit have gritty lyrics and a grungy voice that blends surprisingly well with the country twang of the guitar and drums.

 This record does a great job of throwing you a curveball. If you are expecting the typical Southern Rock LP you will be pleasantly surprised. Eddie released a record proves to be innovative. 

– Cole Mileaf

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