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The Source Family – The Source Family (Drag City)




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The Source Family soundtrack album reviewMuch like the documentary film this album is a soundtrack of, The Source Family explores the strange world of the enigmatic cult leader Father Yod and his commune. During the 1970’s, the cult recorded a wealth of wild rock music in order to spread their mystical teachings. This album is entirely built out of highlights from these vastly fabled (and collectible) recordings.

The Source Family displays a full range of everything the commune was capable of, including chants, psychedelic freestyle jams and soulful praises to Yod. At moments the recordings sound like an American version of the legendary krautrockers, Amon Düül II, and at other times like a more spiritually inclined Sly & The Family Stone. One track to surely not overlook is the four-minute excerpt of the mind-scorcher that is “Penetration.” This track features thunderous fuzz guitar and bass drums that bang out a thick tribal beat, eventually building up to a frenzied climax before fading back into submission.

For fans of the experimental and the strange, The Source Family soundtrack stands as a fascinating document of one of the most untamed excursions into religious music possibly ever recorded.  

– Keith Hadad

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