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Jimmy Webb – Still Within The Sound Of My Voice (eOne Music)




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Jimmy Webb Still Within The Sound Of My VoiceJimmy Webb writes hits, and the many stars who owe their gold records to him—or would like to—showed up in the studio to pay their respects and lend their talents to Webb’s collection of longing-filled blockbusters. There are 14 songs and 14 duets on this second CD of classics from the master, and every one is a gem. 

Old friends Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Art Garfunkel and Kris Kristofferson make appearances, and Webb also enlists Keith Urban and Lyle Lovett to help him rework these hits to keep them as fresh and lovely as they were the day they were written. Who but Brian Wilson could have done justice to the trippy, L.A.-inspired “MacArthur Park”? Only Wilson could make lyrics like “someone left the cake out in the rain” sound reasonable. Oh no! It’s a tragedy; we may never have that recipe again!

The title tune, beautifully harmonized by Webb and British pop star Rumer, comes with a personal story. I truly love this song and once sent it to a boyfriend who spent half his life on the road. He didn’t get it. Who could stay with a man like that? Not me.

– Suzanne Cadgene 

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