Cloud Cult – Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)

Cody York
Photo by Cody York

Fans of rock band Cloud Cult filled the Bowery Ballroom hours before the show on April 11, marking their territory along the stage’s perimeter. The diverse blend of sounds the group is known for was equally matched by the eclectic mix of people in their audience. There were no stereotypes to speak of on this night, as individuals of all sorts waited patiently for Craig Minowa and company to embrace them. And I don’t use the word “embrace” lightly.

Unlike other bands that perform with a wall between themselves and their audience, Cloud Cult’s energy and emotion permeates every venue they play—but that seems to be the point. Incorporating stirring blends of guitar, bass, drums, cello and violin with honest and raw lyrics, they shoot arrows into the deepest parts of your soul. The show at the Bowery was no different. 

The setlist pulled from a variety of songs, including “Unexplainable Stories” from Light Chasers and “Chain Reaction” from Meaning of 8, and Cloud Cult played with such sincerity and passion behind new material like “Complicated Creation” and “It’s Your Decision” from 2013’s Love, reminding everyone in the audience why the band is different from the rest. But that’s Cloud Cult—just when you think their artistry has peaked, they put on a show that unites even the most diverse of crowds.   

– Rebecca Dolber

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