Trivia: July/August 2013


Stephen Stills’ career has spanned 50 years. As a solo artist and as singer, writer and guitarist for Buffalo Springfield, CSN, CSNY and Manassas, he has played to innumerable fans and released countless hit albums and singles. Of all the records featuring the talent and virtuosity of Stephen Stills:

  1. What was the first single featuring Stephen Stills to make it into the Top Ten?
  2. What was the first Stills-related album to crack the Top 20 on the Billboard charts?
  3. What was the first Stills-related album to hit the cherished Number One spot?
  4. Of all the Stills solo LPs to reach the Top Five, which came in the highest at Number Three?


Stephen Stills had his first big commercial success with Buffalo Springfield, an iconic group that lasted from 1966 to 1968. The first hit single and only Top 40 hit from Buffalo Springfield was “For What It’s Worth,” which entered the Billboard chart on January 28, 1967, reached Number Seven and continues to be a highlight of nearly every Crosby, Stills & Nash or Stephen Stills show, even today.

When Buffalo Springfield disbanded, Stills joined Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper for Super Session, an amazing, somewhat obscure album that nevertheless cracked the Top 20, reaching Number 12 on Billboard in late 1968. Stills’ guitar work on “Season of the Witch” alone is worth the price of the album.

Then it happened: Stephen hooked up with David Crosby and Graham Nash, later to be joined at times by former Buffalo Springfield bandmate Neil Young. While Crosby, Stills & Nash became a wildly successful LP in 1969, it was the follow-up, Deja Vu, that hit Number One in 1970.

Though remaining with Crosby, Stills & Nash over the years, Stills has also recorded several albums and singles with Manassas and as a solo artist. As a solo artist, his first album, Stephen Stills, reached Number Three in early 1971 after entering the charts in December 1970.

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