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Director’s Cut of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” Released

NirvanaEveryone’s buzzing about the 20th anniversary celebration of Nirvana’s In Utero and the upcoming release of the In Utero reissue. In celebration of the big anniversary, the director’s clip of “Heart-Shaped Box” has been released.

In this version of Anton Corbijn’s 1993 clip, there’s a bit more of the woman in the muscle suit and the girl in the religious robe—and all the creepiness and unsettling religious imagery that you know and love. Oh, and fetuses in trees. There are those too.

The director’s cut has been released before on a compilation of Corbijn’s music videos, but this is the first time the video has made its way online.

The director’s cut will also be released on the upcoming In Utero reissue, which will include a DVD with live footage, a remaster of the record, B-sides, demos, live cuts, handwritten lyrics, linear notes and previously unreleased tracks. You can watch the director’s cut of “Heart-Shaped Box” below. 

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