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Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins On VMAs: “They Don’t Mean Shit”

foofightersGiven all the hoopla surrounding Miley Cyrus doing…something (we honestly have no idea what the big deal is), it’s easy to forget that the MTV Video Music Awards show is, in fact, an awards show. Still, even though they give out trophies at the VMAs, it seems as if any sort of recognition takes a backseat to the spectacle that is…someone dancing in their underwear and sticking their tongue out a lot. Anyhow, if anything about the VMAs seems utterly pointless to you, you’re not alone: some of the VMA winners feel the same way.

Foo Fighters/30 Seconds To Mars drummer Taylor Hawkins was recently questioned by TMZ about the latter band’s recent VMA victory for Best Rock video, and to hear Hawkins talk about it, he couldn’t care less. “Who cares? I mean, these awards are nice, but they don’t mean shit,” Hawkins told the gossip site. He also pointed out-factually-that there are many, many more important things in the world than an award show for music videos. Either that, or he just really didn’t want to be bothered before getting on his flight.

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