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John Lennon’s Tie Sold for Over $5,000 at Auction

_69474701_69474700First, it was John Lennon’s tooth. Now, it’s his tie. Hey, if you’ve got any memorabilia from the late Beatle, it looks like right now might be the time to sell. A tie that once belonged to Lennon sold for about $5,600 at an auction in Liverpool this past weekend.

In 1962, Lennon had given the tie to a 15-year-old fan who was a regular at the Beatles’ lunchtime performances at the Cavern Club, reports the Liverpool Echo.

“The Beatles were recording some numbers, and I was sitting on the edge of the stage holding the microphone stand,” said Joyce McWilliams, 66, the recipient of the tie. “It was very hot in the club, and John asked me to lend him a handkerchief to mop his brow with. He handed it back to me and loosened his tie when I said, ‘I thought you were going to give me your tie,’ and he just handed it to me.”

Perhaps McWilliams could have also auctioned off the sweaty handkerchief, but her mother had washed it soon afterward. However, McWilliams did hold on to the tie. She found the tie again—along with some postcards that were signed by the band—when she was cleaning out her house. She decided to sell the items at the Beatles Shop, which has held an annual memorabilia auction for the past 22 years.

“Every year, we think that the quality and number of rare items offered for auction must decrease, and we are always proved wrong,” said Stephen Bailey, who has managed the shop for two decades. “It is amazing—people just keep coming into the shop month after month with the most unusual rare items.” 

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