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Mike Love “Upset” Over Direction Of Beach Boys Reunion

Beach Boys Mike Love interviewLast year, it seemed as if Brian Wilson and Mike Love buried the hatchet once and for all to reunite the Beach Boys for a new album and a tour celebrating their 50th anniversary. Alas, those days seem long in the past as Love is now touring as “The Beach Boys” without Brian Wilson (or David Marks, or Al Jardine) while fans were left confused as to exactly what was going on between the two. In an interview with Billboard, Love finally gave his side of the story and weighed in on whether there was a chance of the two working together again.

Love was not specific about exactly what problems he had with the handling of the Beach Boys’ reunion, but he did say that he had “serious issues” with “the way it was run and the people who were running it.” “I have no problem with my cousin Brian and I in a room with a piano, but it’s not that uncomplicated,” Love said.

Love also had issues with how the band’s reunion album, That’s Why God Made The Radio, turned out: “We were supposed to get together and write songs from scratch like we did in the ’60s, but that wasn’t meant to be, and it wasn’t because of me.” Love said that the album “wasn’t the opportunity it was supposed to be, which I’m upset about.”

Love is currently touring with his version of the Beach Boys, which includes keyboardist Bruce Johnston. For his part, Brian Wilson has a solo album coming out later this year, and he is also scheduled to go on tour with Jeff Beck.

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