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Producer Ethan Johns Talks Up New Paul McCartney Album

Photo by MJ Kim
Photo by MJ Kim

Up to this point, we know precious little about Paul McCartney’s new album other than that it may be influenced by some of the electronic music McCartney claims to have been listening to. Now, though, McCartney’s new producer Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon) has shed some light on what the former Beatle has planned for his next album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Johns revealed the details of working with McCartney and what his new album may end up sounding like.

Johns and McCartney recorded four songs during the course of their time together, and according to Johns, McCartney was up to record anything: “I could have said, ‘Let’s spend the day making percussion loops on drum machines!’ and he would have said, ‘Great! Let’s do that!’ I don’t think he ever said ‘No,’ which is a mark of who he is as an artist.” Johns also said that one of the songs McCartney brought in-a ballad called “Hosannah”-was recorded on analog tape using vintage instruments.

According to reports, McCartney has been working with other producers on this new album, including Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth, and Giles Martin.

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