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The Calling Singer Abducted, Beaten in Michigan

Alex+Band+06Alex Band, lead singer of The Calling, was reportedly abducted and assaulted in Lampeer, MI., early Sunday morning. Band, 34, had been walking from his hotel to a convenience store when he was ambushed by two men. They pulled him into a van and brutally beat him, TMZ reported. Band was then dumped by train tracks nearby, where he was then discovered by searchers who were called by Band’s bandmates. Lapeer police have said that the suspected motive for the attack appeared to be robbery. Fortunately, Band wasn’t fatally injured. He was treated at a local emergency room and was later released.

The band—best known for their 2001 hit, “Wherever You Will Go”—had just reunited and were in town to headline the Lapeer Days Festival. Police are still investigating the incident. 

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