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Warren Hood Band – Warren Hood Band (Red Parlor)




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Warren Hood BandGood songs, good playing, good vocals; it all leads to good times for all who listen to the Warren Hood Band. This tight little Texas trio sounds like they are having big fun all the way through this outing. They can also lay claim to some deep musical roots: Fiddler / multi-instrumentalist /songwriter/ vocalist Hood-the son of Austin music staple Champ Hood-has his father’s gift for writing ver catchy melodies. Emily Gimble, the grand-daughter of Texas fiddle legend Johnny Gimble, backs Hood up on keyboards and with exceptional backing vocals.  Rounding out the group is Austin guitarist Willie Pipkin. Produced by Charlie Sexton, they rock, they roll, they swing, they stroll.  Hopefully they will do more, ’cause it all works. You can’t go wrong here.

– Ken Spooner

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