The So So Glos – 8/30 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)

So So Glos Mercury LoungeIt’s hard not to love the story of the So So Glos: native Brooklynites who became pillars of the city’s music scene with their high-energy take on classic punk and pub rock, the quartet are now on a meteoric rise that has seen them featured on MTV and The Late Show With David Letterman. On top of this, their new album Blowout has already made a claim for Album of the Year: earworms like “Son Of An American” and “Diss Town” are sure to be stuck in your head for months to come after hearing them. The Glos are finishing up a tour with fellow punks Diarrhea Planet, and we can’t imagine a better place to see them than at this semi-homecoming event.

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