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Genesis Reunion “Possible But Improbable,” Says Guitarist Steve Hackett

Genesis reunionFormer Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett told reporters that a reunion of the prog-rock titans was “possible, but improbable.” The guitarist also told Billboard that he is open to any possible reunions of his former group.

Hackett, who played with Genesis from 1970 to 1977, has been involved with multiple Genesis retrospective projects, including an anniversary performance of The Lamb Dies Down On Broadway that never materialized. According to Hackett, the band’s former members all maintain good relationships with each other. Hackett believes that a reunion would be “wonderful, extraordinary-but you’ve got to get everybody to say yes.”

That last part may be tricky. Original Genesis singer Peter Gabriel has kept himself occupied with his Scratch My Back covers project, and drummer/singer Phil Collins announced his retirement from performing music in 2011. In the meantime, Hackett has been focusing on his solo career and Squackett, a project he started with Yes bassist Chris Squire.

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