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Listen To A New Gov’t Mule Song From ‘Shout!’

Gov't Mule Stoop So LowGov’t Mule’s new album Shout! finds the band in an interesting place, travelling through the history of American music to create a truly unique listening experience. Bandleader Warren Haynes told Elmore that the album may be the best thing that Mule have done, and it’s difficult to argue against that. Shout! doesn’t come out until September 24th, but the band have put out a new song that exemplifies their new direction. 

“Stoop So Low,” which is now streaming on Billboard, started off as a Gov’t Mule song according to Haynes. “When I listened to my vocal performance, it reminded me of Dr. John,” Haynes told Billboard. “We were about to go on tour with Dr. John, so I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll ask Mac to sing the low verses or something.'” The end result is a slice of vintage New Orleans boogie ably performed by the band with some help from the Louisiana legend. You can listen to the track in full here.

Shout! comes out on September 24th on Blue Note Records. Look for a full review of the album in the latest issue of Elmore Magazine.

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