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Paul McCartney Releases Music Video For “New”

Paul McCartney NewA few weeks ago, we gave you a first listen to “New,” a song off of Paul McCartney’s upcoming album of the same name. It’s a jovial, bouncy tune, one of those McCartney songs that has people whistling for days after hearing it once. Today, McCartney released a semi-official music video for the song that marks its live debut.

The video for “New” was shot backstage at a show in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada when McCartney decided to play the song on an acoustic guitar apropos of nothing. His band were quick to join in, and the result is the sort of impromptu delight that recalls some of McCartney’s early, home-produced work on his first album. You can watch the video below.

New comes out on Hear Music on October 15th.

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