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Animated PBS Series Recreates Rare Kurt Cobain Interview

maxresdefaultHere’s Kurt Cobain like you’ve never seen him before—in cartoon form. PBS has discovered a rare interview that the Nirvana frontman did on July 22, 1993, and illustrated it with some basic doodle drawings for its “Blank on Blank” series. In the interview, Cobain speaks with writer Jon Savage about his time in high school, his parents’ divorce, music, his sexuality and his health. Even though the singer recounts his troublesome time in high school, during which he was treated like an outsider, he said that he was feeling good. “I haven’t felt this optimistic since right before [my parents’] divorce,” he says in the clip. However, he killed himself less than a year later, on April 5, 1994. Other people included in the “Blank on Blank” series include Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Ray Charles, the Beastie Boys, Farrah Fawcett, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Larry King and others. You can watch the video below. For more information on PBS’ “Blank on Blank” series, you can check out the website.  

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