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Gov’t Mule Premiere Video for “Funny Little Tragedy”

dwXh1EYlNmWww2O9-splashMediumHave you gotten your three servings of fruit today? In Gov’t Mule’s new video for “Funny Little Tragedy,” a bunch of fruit go crazy in what turns out to be quite a tragic situation.

The stop-motion clip shows a variety of different fruit destroying and devouring each other. Oranges skin each other, strawberries spin in the destroyed remains of tomatoes and a lime gets sliced open by a banana—who knew fruit could be so violent? But apparently, one of you Gov’t Mule fans are to blame for this fruity massacre: “We opened this up to fans to see what kind of creative treatments folks would come up with for this song, and we got some amazing submissions—and this one is truly something original,” said Warren Haynes.

“Funny Little Tragedy” comes from Gov’t Mule’s tenth studio LP, Shout!, which features guest appearances from Dave Matthews, Jim James, Steve Winwood, Grace Potter, Elvis Costello and more. Costello was featured on this funny little track. You can watch the video for “Funny Little Tragedy” below.  

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