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Morrissey Autobiography to be Released in Europe

urlMorrissey has been the king of cancellations in the last year, with string of constant cancelled concerts (to be fair, he has also been the emperor of bad luck and viceroy of unfortunate health ailments), and his most recent cancellation has been of the publication of his autobiography. Moz’s book was just about to hit the shelves when he pulled out at the last minute due to a conflict with the publisher. Well, it’s take two for the book, as it’s set to come out in two weeks—but only in Europe for now. According to Morrissey fan site True to You, the book, unimaginatively titled Autobiography, will be released on Oct. 17 as a Penguin Classic in Europe for about $14.50.

As far as the imprint goes, Penguin Classic is known for printing important—and yes, classic—works of literature; they’re those oh-so-distinguishable copies of War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, etc. that you can find in any Barnes and Noble. It seems that Morrissey had planned this arrangement in advance and refused to settle for any less than a “classic” categorization of his book. In an interview with BBC in 2011, the singer said, “I’d like it to go to Penguin, but only if they published it as a Classic. I can’t see why not—a contemporary Penguin Classic. When you consider what really hits print these days, and when you look at the autobiographies and how they are sold, most of it is appalling. It’s a publishing event, not a literary event.” 

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