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Neko Case Fights With Cincinnati Fans Over Cameraphone Recordings

Approved_general use by Neko Case (2)_20130723_152719_20130809_92603Ask most musicians nowadays about their feelings on people taping their live shows with smartphones, and they’re probably not going to have a lot of nice things to say about the subject. Bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have already banned cell phone photography in a fairly hilarious way, but a recent incident with Neko Case turned out to be less than funny.

According to Cincinnati CityBeat, Case spent a good portion of her show at Cincinnati’s Taft Theatre in a heated exchange with the audience over the use of cell phone pictures, having more than one conversation with fans asking them to put their phones away. As the show progressed, fans got fed up with Case’s curt behavior, with some walking out of the show and even flipping her the bird on the way out. Accounts of the show that were posted in the CityBeat article seem to indicate that Case was out of it through the course of the show and that she deliberately made things awkward, but others have sided with Case on the issue, saying that the audience repeatedly ignored her requests to put cameras away.

Case, for her part, hasn’t said much of anything aside from a Twitter post thanking people who went to the show. Still, it’s safe to say that you should probably put your iPhone away while she’s performing.


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