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Prince To Host Pajama Party For Next Live Performance

prince-symbol-guitarAt this point, nothing Prince does should surprise anyone. This Saturday, the Purple One will be hosting the second of two shows at his home base at Paisley Park in Minnesota, but the show has a very specific theme: sleepwear. That’s right, Prince has declared this next live show to be a “pajama party” to last from 2 a.m. until who knows when.

For this show, which Prince has dubbed “The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party” (again, nothing entirely surprising there), Prince will be playing with 3rd Eye Girl, the all-female backing band with whom he recorded “Fixurlifeup” earlier this year. Entry for the show is $50, and Prince has asked all attendees to “keep it classy.”

Watch the video for “Fixurlifeup” below:

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