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The Kinks in Negotiations for a Reunion

The-Kinks-007Prepare yourselves, Kinks fans: There may be hope for a Kinks reunion. Sure, brothers Ray and Dave Davies haven’t had the smoothest relationship, but Ray Davies has said that he’s been in talks with his brother over a potential reunion, but only if they make new music together. The two, who were members of the popular British Invasion band, haven’t played together since 1996.

Last week, NME reports, Dave Davies said that there’s a 50/50 chance of a reunion for the band’s 50th anniversary, which his brother verified on BBC Breakfast.

“I’m not sure. There’s got to be new music involved. I’m proud of the back catalogue, and I play it when I do shows,” Dave Davies told BBC Breakfast hosts Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin. “I was talking to my brother about two weeks ago. As long as there’s something new to go forward with rather than stay in the past, I’m interested. We’ve negotiated. In sporting terms, he’s talking to his agent,” Dave Davies continued.

The brother had met three times over the summer, and while things started out well, they quickly got rocky again. “The first two meetings were great,” Dave Davies said. “We talked about the old days and maybe doing something next year. I thought to myself, ‘Oh shit, maybe we could do something before we fall down dead.’ It was very positive.

“We had tea right before I came over to America, and he was so negative, grumpy and just mean. It was like he fell into a black hole. He didn’t want me to come back to America. I think it’s because I’m happy and I was doing something without his approval. I feel like he was miserable because I’m happy. He’s a really troubled man.”

As far as their making an album together, it looks like that’s not going to happen, because Dave Davies simply said, “I can’t face the concept of days and days in the studio with Ray. I just can’t do it.” 

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