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The Who Aren’t Quitting Anytime Soon, Says Roger Daltrey

The Who not breaking upThe Who’s Roger Daltrey is dialing back on his bandmate Pete Townshend’s claims that their 2015 world tour would be their last. While Daltrey acknowledged to Billboard that the band weren’t likely to go on another world tour after their 50th anniversary, he was quick to state that the end of the band’s touring career was not the end of the band as a creative unit.

“What we mean is that we cannot keep going on these month-after-month, long extended tours,” Daltrey said. “It’s extremely hard work, just the grind of it.” Daltrey did say that the band would be open to doing “more experimental” work now that the band’s touring commitments were coming to an end.

The Who are prepping a deluxe edition re-release of their classic album Tommy for November of this year. Daltrey has also been at work on his first solo album since 1992; he will be performing on the Moody Blues Cruise in January. Townshend, meanwhile, has been working on a conceptual music piece titled Floss.

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