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Widespread Panic To Return With New Album

Widespread Panic New Album2012 was an interesting year for Widespread Panic in that they didn’t really do much of anything. They haven’t released an album since 2010’s Dirty Side Down, and although they’ve been touring extensively in 2013, such a long break like last year’s is a little disconcerting when we’re talking about one of America’s hardest-working bands. Fortunately, this period of silence is only temporary: in an interview with Billboard, Widespread Panic keyboardist John “JoJo” Hermann confirmed that the band are getting ready for another go-round in the studio.

“People are coming up with ideas, just throwing ideas at each other now,” Hermann said, “it’s definitely feeling like we all want to get back in the studio next year, but we haven’t planned anything firm yet.” According to Hermann, the band’s year of inactivity worked wonders for them creatively. “The batteries of recharged and everybody’s refreshed,” Hermann said, “A lot of the material is fresh, and it’s great to get away for a little bit and miss each other.”

In the meantime, Hermann has been working on a documentary on the late singer/songwriter Vic Chesnutt. The film, which features the likes of Shirley Manson and Johnathan Richman reminiscing about working with Chesnutt, premiered on September 19th at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture in Oxford, Mississippi and is still being taken on tour.

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