#59 November/December 2013

#58 September/October 2013
ON THE COVER: Warren Haynes.
Photo by Derek Meade.


Crowdfunding: Power to the PeopleGive a hand, fund a band: Kevin Korber looks at the upside and downside of crowdfunding and addresses the question: Should you really hand over your money to guys without real jobs?

Warren Haynes: Giving BackGetting together at Christmas: Warren Haynes gives back via his annual Christmas Jam fundraiser. Find your own way to give in our holiday gift guide


Letter from the Publisher: GiveLetter: Not-too-tricky question: Is it better to give or to receive? Answer: Both

Opening Act: Snippets, fun, interviews, reviews. Go meet Elmore at shows and compare notes

Kickin’ in Your Stall: Travis Tritt saves the day. Carl Gustafson gives thanks

Ted Nugent & Henry Rollins: American Flag/Black FlagInfluences: Disciplined, hardworking, focused and over-the-top, Ted Nugent and Henry Rollins may have been separated at birth

On The Record: The Avett Brothers conquer the north…and south, east and west, proving that talented artists can prevail without eyeliner and clingy pants. The Civil Wars may have destroyed both sides, but their album is solid; Robert Randolph also said Lickety Split, but it’s a different split. The Rides Can’t Get Enough, but the Blind Boys of Alabama say, I’ll Find a Way

Re.Issues: Humble Pie was good enough to eat, and with this extra serving of Performance: Rockin’ the Fillmore, we’re done. Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series continues; the Clash unleash their Sound System; and Nirvana’s last album, rereleased after 20 years, is unfittingly named In Utero

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: James Harris, Terry Lewis and Prince heated up Minneapolis funk, turning Purple Snow to Purple Rain

What’d I Say: Vintage blues ain’t front-page news… unless it was born yesterday

Also Appearing: The Philadelphia Folk Fest, ever the finest; Duane Allman gets a spotlight of his very own. Books: Graham Nash on Graham Nash, Eric Clapton on his guitars

Listen Up: Arnie Goodman shares his five favorite photographs, while Henry Diltz tells the stories behind his five favorite Diltz photos

The Good Seats: Portland, ME, recently applied its motto, “Resurgam,” to the State Theatre. Dennis McDonough and Michael Franti tell us what that means

This Month’s Trivia

Get to Know: 20 Artists Who Deserved Christmas Coal

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