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Beck Debuts New Song

Beck new album
Photo by Peter Hapak

Eccentric singer/songwriter Beck is set to return next year with Morning Phase, his first album in six years. In the meantime, Beck has been putting on shows centered around his sheet-music album Song Reader in Los Angeles, and he managed to give the audience at one show a sneak peek at what’s coming up next with the song “Wave.”

Beck had recently talked about “Wave” in an interview with Rolling Stone, where he described as “a mix of mid-Sixties Scott Walker and Love’s Forever Changes.” The description fits in to what Beck has been calling his “California album,” even if they’re not the Laurel Canyon influences that people would normally associate with the Sunshine State. Then again, this is Beck we’re talking about, so it’s better not to predict what he’s going to sound like next.

Morning Phase comes out in February 2014. Check out fan footage of “Wave” being performed at the Song Reader concert below:

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