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Colin Meloy Working On New Decemberists Music

Colin+Meloy+001The Decemberists scored their biggest hit yet with the jangly, anthemic The King Is Dead, but they’ve remained silent since bandleader Colin Meloy announced the band’s hiatus in 2012. Since then, Meloy has pursued his nascent literary career with two novels, but he hasn’t kept away from music. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Meloy revealed that he’s still writing songs constantly and that he has every intent of getting the Decemberists back together.

“I’ve been writing new material specifically for the band, so I expect that in the fairly near future there will be a Decemberists record,” Meloy said. Meloy also spoke about how The King Is Dead influenced his Wildwood Chronicles series of novels.

Currently, Meloy is heading out on a small solo tour promoting his new EP of covers, Colin Meloy Sings The Kinks. Past subjects for Meloy’s cover series have included Morrissey and Sam Cooke.

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