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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Hear A New Song From Aloud

Aloud new song
Photo by Michael Basu

Boston-based rock group Aloud have a very classic feel to them, playing the sort of retro-rock made famous again by contemporaries like the Black Keys and Dr. Dog. However, Aloud come at the style with their own, unique twist with the singing/songwriting team of Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa. Together, the two craft refined, well-crafted rock songs that still have that loose, shaggy excitement that made all of us fall in love with rock & roll to begin with.

Aloud are set to release a new album, It’s Got To Be Now, on April 1st. The band’s sound has deepened and progressed by leaps and bounds on this album, and that’s more than evident in the album’s first single “A Little Bit Low.” Give the song a listen below, and you’ll hear why this band has taken the Northeast by storm already.

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