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ELMORE EXCLUSIVE: Hear Hollis Brown Take On “Run, Run, Rudolph”

Hollis Brown new songWhy do most Christmas songs suck? Cause there’s no rock ‘n’ roll! Fortunately, the boys of Hollis Brown spice things up for us with this cover of “Run, Run, Rudolph.” Chuck Berry, you’d be proud.
Not a fan of Christmas covers? Not even the one written and made famous by one of the greatest guitarists of all time? Then go back to that Mariah Carey Christmas record. The rest of us want to have fun. Here, guitarist Jon Bonilla shows off his chops midway through;  his searing guitar work sounds straight outta the 1950s. What else do you expect from a guy whose got Elvis tattooed to his back?
Most Christmas covers make Santa nauseous. Not this one. Rock on, Hollis Brown. 

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