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Film About Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson Shelved

Dennis Wilson Beach Boys movieA long-gestating biopic based on the life of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson has been put on hold indefinitely after star Aaron Eckhart withdrew from the production. This latest setback appears to be the death knell for the project.

Eckhart dropped out of the film, which was supposed to begin shooting in June 2012, citing exhaustion after filming I, Frankenstein in Australia. The move was surprising, given that Eckhart had gone through months of preparation for the film, including lessons on drums and piano.

Eckhart’s departure appears to be the end of the film, which has been in development since 2008. The project was undertaken with the blessing of Wilson’s children, though their issues with Jody Savin’s script was one of the reasons why the film’s production was delayed. Sources close to the film say that the script did not delve into the more controversial aspects of Wilson’s personal life (specifically his substance abuse problems and his relationship with Charles Manson).

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