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Johnny Marr: Spotify Is “The Opposite Of Punk Rock”

Johnny Marr SpotifyJohnny Marr is joining the likes of Thom Yorke and Beck in the chorus of artists who are unhappy with Spotify’s prominence and its effect on the artistic community. Marr even went so far as to call the streaming service “the opposite of punk rock.”

Marr’s comments come in an interview with the NME in which he said that the streaming service “hampers” new bands. “The situation that Beck and Thom Yorke have been criticizing makes the old record companies of the ’70s look like a cottage industry,” Marr said.

Marr continues with a plea for listeners to place value in music. “I do think we shouldn’t stop valuing what bands do,” Marr said. “It’s not just about pressing a button and getting something entirely for convenience.”

Marr’s debut solo album, The Messenger, came out earlier this year. Marr is also planning to publish an autobiography in 2014, one year after his former Smiths bandmate Morrissey made headlines with his long-awaited autobiography.

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