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Peter Gabriel Announces New Album, Talks Genesis Reunion

Peter Gabriel new albumIn an interview with Rolling Stone, Peter Gabriel revealed that he’s at work on his first collection of new songs in 2002’s Up.

Gabriel has been busy lately with his Scratch My Back covers project and a long tour commemorating the deluxe re-release of his hit album So, but it turns out that there might be more up the former Genesis  frontman’s sleeve. Gabriel confirmed that he’s been working on new music off and on since 2005, when he announced that he was working on an ambitious new project called I/O. Now, Gabriel says that some of those songs are still in consideration for a new album, but his packed schedule has made it difficult for him to pick a release date. “I really need to stop doing things and lock myself away for a while.”

Gabriel also touched on the speculation about a Genesis reunion, something that’s become a bit of a hot topic since guitarist Steve Hackett launched his Genesis-focused tour. Gabriel remained evasive on the topic of reuniting the band, but he admitted that it was a possibility. “It’s never been ruled out [as a possibility],” Gabriel said. “I’m trying to picture a time when it would top my list of priorities, though.”

Until that time comes, we can expect a new album from Gabriel in March…maybe.

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