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Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo Offering Guitar Clinics

lee ranaldoFormer Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo is justly considered to be one of the most innovative guitarists of all time, playing a style inspired equally by avant-garde artists like Glenn Branca and classic rockers like Jerry Garcia. His technique is something that more than a few guitarists have tried to figure out over the years, and now he’s offering people the chance to learn from him directly.

In a video released by Matador Records this morning, viewers got an inside look at the first of a small series of guitar clinics that Ranaldo offered at Other Music in New York City. In the video, Ranaldo plays a stripped-down version of a song off of his new, Dead-inspired album Last Night On Earth before showing the gathered crowd some of the hallmarks of his playing style, including his massive pedalboard and his use of a drumstick as a bridge.

You can watch a video of Lee Ranaldo’s guitar clinic in New York here. Ranaldo will be offering another clinic at Amoeba Music in San Francisco on December 11th.


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