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Velvet Underground Members To Take Part In Lou Reed Documentary

Lou Reed tribute documentaryThe BBC is planning to air a documentary about Lou Reed, who passed away earlier this year from liver failure. Titled Lou Reed Remembered, the documentary is particularly notable for the participation of former Velvet Underground members Maureen Tucker and Doug Yule.

The one-hour documentary will also feature remembrances from artists inspired by Reed’s work, including former Sonic Youth singer/guitarist Thurston Moore and Boy George. Acclaimed music photographer Mick Rock will also be in the documentary, as will actress Holly Woodlawn, the former Warhol performer most notable for being the “Holly” Reed mentioned in his sole hit song “Walk on The Wild Side.”

The BBC says that the documentary will focus on how Reed “not only helped shape a generation but also helped create an alternative, truly independent rock scene” by talking to “friends, fellow musicians and critics who were inspired not only by his music but by his contrary approach to everything.”

Lou Reed Remembered airs on BBC Four on December 15.

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