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Grace & Tony – November (Rock Ridge)




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Grace & Tony_November_coverWhat do you get when you marry bluegrass to punk rock? Well, that is literally what happened when accomplished bluegrass musician Grace Schultz married punk musician Tony White. On this, their debut album, they present “punkgrass” to the world. If their marriage is as harmonious and joyous as their album, they can look forward to a fulfilling, lifelong union.

Superb vocals, expert musicianship and original material make this album a delightful revelation. Their joy in each other and their artistry shines through every track. When you listen to this infectious and inventive album, your toes will tap and smiles will come spontaneously. They clearly love what they are doing and have a great deal of fun doing it!

The opening song, “Hey Grace, Hey Tony,” is a perfect example of their style. They call to each other, trading leads while the music propels the entire effort; it is invigorating and new, yet wrapped in traditional vocals and instrumentation. “Grassphemy” beautifully tells the tale of the creation of punkgrass while paying homage to their roots. Clearly, these two newlyweds are embarking on what should be a successful and rewarding life in music—on their terms, in their own way.

– Robert Myers

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