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Love And Theft’s Steven Barker Liles: Trace Adkins Fight Story Is “Exaggerated”

Trace Adkins rehabYesterday, country star Trace Adkins checked into rehab following an incident on the Country Cruising cruise where he allegedly got into a fight with a man impersonating him. Now, Love And Theft singer Steven Barker Liles is disputing the fight claims originally published in TMZ’s report of the incident as an exaggeration.

According to an interview on, Liles – who witnessed the incident firsthand – said that Adkins “got up in [the impersonator’s] face,” but did not strike the man at any point. Furthermore, Liles said that Adkins only confronted the man after he began signing autographs for fans with a signature that resembled Adkins’.

The unnamed impersonator has allegedly been following Adkins around since 2007. While their interactions were initially cordial, Liles said that he understood Adkins’ frustrations. “There’s only so much you can take when someone’s trying to be you,” he said.

After the incident, Adkins departed from the cruise – which also featured Montgomery Gentry and Wynonna Judd – and checked into a rehab facility. All of his upcoming tour dates have been cancelled.

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