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Phoenix Begins Work on New Album

Cover of Bankrupt! by Phoenix
Bankrupt! was Phoenix’s fifth studio album. The band recently started work on a sixth.

Nearly a year after April, 2013’s Bankrupt!, French band Phoenix has started work on a new album in the midst of a world tour.

The band tours for two weeks at a time, and then takes a break, giving them an opportunity to relax and record.

“We really don’t know how to take vacations, so we usually spend time on the record,” lead singer Thomas Mars told Rolling Stone

He added that the recording process for the new album is in its early stages, so the album’s direction is up in the air. The band will appear Feb. 1 on Live From the Artists Den on PBS, which will feature the band playing for an audience of 500 high schoolers.

Phoenix, which got its start in 2000 and has released five albums, will spend early February touring the U.K. and France. They’ll continue in early March to Australia, then South America,  before returning to Europe in the summer to wrap up the tour.

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