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David Ian – Valentine’s Day (Prescott Records)




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David Ian Valentine's DayThere’s a toasty fireplace, dimmed lighting, lit candles, two half-empty champagne glasses, and light hor d’oeuvres—this is what David Ian’s third album,Valentine’s Day sounds like.

Similar to Ian’s very well-received debut album Vintage Christmas, this Day of Love collection delivers the buttery crooning of vocalists Acacia and Talitha Walters-Wulfing. Current Audio Adrenaline frontman Kevin Max is not the obvious choice for this jazz album’s “My Funny Valentine,” but Max’s voice has always been full of soul and longing that it perfectly rises (and lowers) to the occasion. Andrew Miguel Mayo makes an appearance, bringing along vocal echoes and memories in the likes of Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, and Michael Buble in “Young and Foolish.”

With ease, Ian takes the pining melody of Disney’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” and solemn hymn “Sweet By and By,” and makes the notes fluidly dance and smile.

Ian’s finished product is extremely versatile. This is not only something to listen to on an intimate night in, but can and should be played in chic establishments, at parties where guests are ready to mingle, and in your home when you’re sitting on your couch flipping through a magazine or cooking for one.

In reconstructing and interpreting treasured love songs, Ian has given us a romantic treat you’ll want to own, and perhaps use while sweeping someone off his or her feet.

– Kathryn Yao

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