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Driftwood – Driftwood (Self-released)




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Driftwood bandIt’s a balancing act to know the timing for when to be rowdy and loud and when to be gentle and slow. In their self-titled third album, Driftwood proves it’s mastered the tug-and-pull, especially in “The Sun’s Going Down.”

We’re reintroduced to the enjoyable simplicity of a banjo and two soft harmonizing voices in opening track “High School Paycheck.”

Along with her passionate wispy backup harmonies, listeners have the pleasure to experience Claire Byrne’s spirited violin work. “Before I Rust” is a very simple and short song Byrne has taken and made into something beautiful, and “Time Is” opens with a brief yet hauntingly beautiful violin solo.

Toward the end there is a nice respite where Joey Arcuri casually strums and plucks an upright bass in “Buffalo Street.” Then there is a smooth progression into percussion, organ, and clean vocals.

One of the signature styles on this album is the certain repetition of the same one liner or few words. There is a sense that Driftwood is trying to do more than just create and share folk music, but moreso that each song longs to impart a life lesson we, as the listeners, should take into careful consideration long after the album has finished playing.

– Kathryn Yao

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