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Listen To Two New Songs From Natural Child

Natural Child new albumNatural Child are one of those rock bands that manage to get everything right. They bring the genre back to its roots, incorporating rockabilly and early country into their dingy, garage sound to create a deep-fried take on rock & roll that sounds as essential now as it did 50 years ago. Their upcoming new album Dancin’ With The Wolves is a favorite of ours here; writer Melissa Caruso said that the album “pinches every nerve that got Keith Richards and Gram Parsons going.”

Dancin’ With The Wolves comes out on February 25th, but you can hear two songs from the album right here. “Out In The Country” showcases Natural Child’s more atmospheric side, as the band’s keyboards provide a space-y sound reminiscent of Dark Side-era Pink Floyd. “Saturday Night Blues,” on the other hand, is in the tradition of songs like “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” or “Sweet Jane” or any other song that has one of those riffs that just seems timeless. Check them out here:

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