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Production On Allman Biopic Shuts Down After Deadly Crash

Gregg Allman movie shut downProduction on Midnight Rider, the Gregg Allman biopic starring William Hurt, has halted production following an incident last week when a freight train struck members of the production team during a shoot in Savannah, Georgia. Work on the film has ceased indefinitely.

After the train collision, which left one crew member dead and seven others injured, the film’s production company and the Savannah Film Office agreed that shutting down the film was the best course of action. An ongoing investigation is looking into whether or not the film crew had obtained the proper permits to shoot on the railroad tracks where the incident occurred. Representatives for Midnight Rider‘s production company have yet to comment on those accusations.

Midnight Rider was based on parts of Allman’s memoir My Cross To Bear, and it would have focused on an older Gregg Allman looking back on the early days of his career. Hurt was cast to play older Gregg Allman while Tyson Ritter was cast as Allman’s younger self.

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