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Natural Child – Dancin’ With Wolves (Burger Records)




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Natural Child Dancin' With WolvesTheir band merchandise reads: “If it ain’t Natural Child, I don’t give a shit!” Listen to Dancin’ With Wolves, you’ll see…

They’ve got a pedal steel player who prides himself on his handle of Ben Keith’s catalogue; they know more about JJ Cale than most middle-aged men; and they can sport the same pit-stained T-shirts all tour and still come out looking better than their fans. Natural Child is a no frills rock ‘n’ roll band. Their brand of sleazy blues and outlaw country on their fourth record pinches that very nerve that got Keith Richards and Gram Parsons busy. Here, they take pride in their long hair (“Country Hippie Blues”) and southern ways (“Out in the Country”), and retrace a path frequented by Waylon Jennings and other outlaws (“Rounder”). Raspy vocals brought on by years of whiskey drinking and chain-smoking make the piano-driven “Saturday Night Blues” even more appropriate for dive bars across America. And as if to rub it in our faces, they remind us just how darn pretty life in Tennessee is with “Nashville’s A Groovy Little Town.”

Need more? Natural Child sells their own line of rolling papers.

– Melissa Caruso

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