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Flaming Lips Release Companion Album To ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’

the-flaming-lipsThe Flaming Lips are back with a new album, one with a typically weird concept. The band released Flaming Side Of The Moon today, and as the title makes clear, it continues the Lips’ fascination with the Pink Floyd classic.

The neo-psych rockers recorded Flaming Side Of The Moon with the intent that listeners sync the album up with both Floyd’s album and the 1939 film The Wizard Of Oz. A press release from the Lips describes the album as a “companion” piece to Dark Side and encourages listeners to play the albums in sync. The band also recommend using Alan Parsons’ quadrophonic mix of the Floyd album for maximum syncing pleasure, but they say that any version of the album will suffice.

Flaming Side Of The Moon will be available digitally through the band’s website and other digital outlets, and 100 vinyl copies of the album will be distributed to friends and family members of the band. Anyone else looking for a vinyl copy of the album would probably be best served by hitting the refresh button on eBay for a few weeks to see what happens.

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