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Lennon and McCartney’s “Help!” Piano Up For Auction

Help!We previously reported on the auction of the jackets George Harrison and Ringo Starr wore on the cover of Help!, but it seems like several other major pieces of Beatles memorabilia will be hitting the block as well. The piano John Lennon and Paul McCartney played during the filming of Help! is expected to sell for more than $83,000.

The 1907 Bechstein concert grand piano is currently owned by director Richard Lester, who directed Help! as well as Superman II and III. Lester also claims that it’s the piano McCartney played when he composed “Yesterday.”

The auction will be held March 20 by Omega Auctions in Liverpool, England, which will be the 50th anniversary of the release of “Can’t Buy Me Love.” 

Also going up will be a piece of the wall from the set of The Ed Sullivan Show, signed by the bandmembers during the course of their three-day historic American debut. 

The auction will feature more than 200 pieces of Beatles memorabilia, and will be broadcast online. You can see the entire collection for sale here.

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